Numbers is a part of our life. It is revealed in Ancient scriptures that from birth till death. We act or live according to the influences of numbers, which is in and around us. One can’t imagine their life without numbers.
Numbers have a great secret, only if it is understood and applied in the right way at the right time, it can make suffering life into a blissful life. It can bring the happiness with the deserved success of our need and help in attaining success in almost every aspects of our life.

Numerology is a science, and it is calculated based on your date of birth, month and year. Numbers are like mysterious agents of cosmic energy which are connected and influenced by celestial bodies (such as the Sun, Moon etc.,) but it is true that we all are influenced and controlled by the planets.

Still a number of people around the world do not believe in numerology, it is their wish, as long as things are fine they won’t believe in such a science. But, when the calamity strikes the energy of the person becomes weak, he tries to solve his problems by himself and when his efforts to find success or solutions to his problem goes in vain. At this point only such persons will believe in Numerology and look for solutions through this method of science.

It would be wiser if one keeps an open mind and find out how this science can benefit them. He would also find out in advance how this science can help them to prevent future unhappiness like marriage difficulties, family problems, business problems, children studies, buying or constructing a house etc… It also helps us to take remedies in advance like the saying, “Prevention is better than cure”

There are 9 planets representing the 9 numbers

Sun 1

Moon  2

Jupiter 3

Uranus 4

Mercury 5

Venus 6

Neptune 7

Saturn 8


Planets are said to emit their rays in certain directions either bringing good or bad influences on people. Numerology can help in resolving problems created by these celestial bodies.

Numerology can provide:

A better understanding of both our positive and negative sides.
Helps in identifying our strengths and weaknesses.
Relieves us from personal worries, doubts, negative inhibitions, confusion, etc.
A way to live harmoniously.
Lucky dates to start an endeavour to bring success.
Lucky vehicle number to avoid accidents, bad lucks and other misfortunate incidents.and to use the beneficial vibrations of the planets
Suggestions and tips to enhance career.
Suggestions and tips to avoid and cure minor and major illness.
Provides popularity and respect.
In identifying unlimited possibilities of development.
In awakening our inborn talents and creativity.
Solution to relationship problems, and for mutual understandings etc.

A good professional numerologist will identify and suggest appropriate remedial measures to overcome these problems through name alterations, gems and other rectifiable remedy measures.

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