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A.S.Mahasree Rajhan, India’s No.1 Genius in Vaasthu, Numerology , Pronology and the founder of Typhology.He was born in a humble family of hereditary astrologers at the outskirts of Chennai, Tamil nadu. The predictive science and helping nature created a greatness at a very young age.Mean while he also trained himself in the sacred arts of Indian Vedic Astrology and Numerology.


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Numbers is a part of our life. It is revealed in Ancient scriptures that from birth till death we live according to the influences of numbers, they are in and around us.


Vaasthu is Natural Power and it lifts anyone of his endeavours. The power directly or indirectly creates harmonious vibrations between him and the surroundings.


Pronology, has its roots in various indian sacred texts and sutras. In modern language it can be simply said as the part of Numerology that deals with the vibrations

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Numbers is a part of our life. It is revealed in Ancient scriptures that from birth till death we act or live accordingly


Nameology is the study of names using the Greek Mathematician, Pythagoras’ method of numerology. Every letter in our name says something about us,

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Gold Time 27 Property Developers Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 17 September 2010.

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Chant MAVASIVA mantra daily and see the changes in your life…



"Hi mam, We are very happy to announce that my sister is going to start consulting patient in person in a clinic in Chennai...always this happened because of blessings of Athigara nandhi & God shivan..we gave our contribution to 2 consecutive pradhosam and we could see a great difference...we personally had growth after that..and thankyou for the entire Msr trust for their effort and services. A special thanks to Dr. A. S. MAHASREE RAJHAN sir also and will be grateful to him for all his guidance to a happy life. Dr. A. S. MAHASREERAJHAN Sir is the great reason for all this initiative. When for the 1st time we contributed to pradhosam, I got my PG (LLM) in a prestigious college and for the second time when we did contributed again my sister got an opportunity to join in clinic...it was really a great blessing to us."

− AKSHAYA, Chennai

"Vanakkam Sir I'm your client for past 15 years while im studying in have changed name as per your guidance after changing my name i felt lots and lots of growth in my life and now im doing own business and its going very well. Even the company name is kept by you Sir. Thanks a lot sir."


"First of all i whole heartedly thank Mahasreerajhan sir since i have followed many of his tips and got very good job and now i'm leading a very happy life. Myself and my family members are very big fan of him. I'm watching his programs from 1999. Mavasiva mantra is also very powerful. I never miss to watch his programs in his youtube channel mahasreerajhan a.s. Thankyou sir once again."


"Hi Sir i think i have consulted u in the year 2005. Before meeting you i had too many problems in my life. Whatever i start it will leads to failure. One of my friend suggested me to meet u after that only i have took appointment and met you sir. Your predictions are 100% correct and u said us to make some changes in our house plan as per vastu, I believed ur words and made some alterations in our house plan. After that i felt a drastic changes in my life.Thankyou sir mavasiva."


"Mava siva sir, youtube la ungaloda tips romba useful ah iruku unga tips ellam Naga follow pandrom engaluku romba nal iruku sir... thank you sir"


"மவசிவ சார் நான் மவசிவ மந்திரம் கேட்டு வருகிறேன் என் கணவர் அதிகம் சத்தம் போடுவது இல்லை நன்றி மவசிவ சார்"




"மிகவும் பயனுள்ள வீடியோக்கள் ஐயா.உங்கள் வீடியோக்களைப் பார்ப்பதை நான் ஒருபோதும் தவறவிட்டதில்லை.நன்றி ஐயா"


"Hi sir mavasiva. I watch ur programs regularly in youtube its very nice and u are giving excellent messages to people for their upliftment. I have followed many tips and seen growth in my life. Im ur 15 years old client. Thanks a lot mahasreerajhan sir.
I wish to visit Echamalai Mahalakshmi temple also. Im very much blessed to see the pradhosam poojai videos every month and i wish to send my contribution for pradhosam poojai every month. Its really a very unique temple. Thankyou sir.



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To Master The science and art of balancing Your Home and Office to lead desired life full of Health and Wealth and Happiness.

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A Pyramid works by amplifying the energy of a zone of Your life . It is very powerful as it converts expenditure into profitable returns. It protects your business and promotes trust and loyalty . It strengthens your own personality, as you will start to exert influence in society .

To get change in your life book for Pyramid

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