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Pronology, has its roots in various indian sacred texts and sutras. In modern language it can be simply said as the part of Numerology that deals with the vibrations associated with the pronounciation of the name, and the placement of the letter or alphabets in one's name and its effect on one's destiny.

We normally greet one another as "hello", but if the same to make it short what if we greeted each other as "hell" or say "Coolrie" instead of "cool drink" we feel a sort of shudder in our heard although the person we know means well but when we hear such a word we feel a sort of fear in our heart. Like this the many combinations of alphabets and their pronounciations produce strange vibrations within us when we hear them or call them. Because each letter is in short a secret code which tell a lot about the character of the individual etc,.. Therefore the combinations of these letters in a name, such as the starting letter and the ending letter relationship, the relationship between the starting letter and the middle letter in a name should be equally strong.

For example, when a person bend a scale, if the elasticity or the strength or the scale is not strong enough which is due to the ingredients and the way the scale is made could break the scale of make it rebound back after the tension is gone. Similarly if the persons name alphabetically as well as sound wise according to Pronology is not sound, then the person when facing his dangerous karmas, when his time is weak could easily break or be more harmed than if he had a better sound vibration in his name it would call upon great strengths from within which could shield him from such calamities.
Each alphabet in the name should co-operate with the other alphabet in the name.

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